Munich, 15 December 2011. A majority stake in Wearable Technologies AG diversifies the portfolio of the Munich-based venture capital specialist mic AG. Wearable Technologies AG, also based in Munich, is a pioneer and strategic investor in the growth market wearable technologies. This young branch of industry concentrates on high-tech products that are worn directly on the body or carried near it. The development of ever smaller and more flexible communication and transmission technologies is an important growth factor for this industry. The main focus is on investments in the fields of health, sports [&] fitness as well as occupational safety. At the same time, these are the most important trends on the wearable technologies market, for which double-digit growth rates have been predicted over the coming years.

Through its wholly-owned subsidiary WT Service GmbH, Wearable Technologies AG operates the internationally leading B2B platform “Wearable Technologies” (WT). Since 2006, this platform successfully assists companies in initiating business contacts, marketing their technologies or in sales activation. WT has partnerships with the most decisive international trade fairs, is the organizer of the unique WT conferences – an international community of specialists – and is the publisher of WTnews, amongst many other publications. More than 150 renowned international companies have used the WT platform to advance their business over the last years. The WT Holding AG initiates and directs the investment business and adds the segment of early stages investment to the business platform operated by WT Service GmbH – it has the expertise of a wearable technologies pioneer and is under the competent management of experienced executive and supervisory boards, whose members possess extensive knowledge in business formation, management and finance. Wearable Technologies AG invests directly in promising wearable technologies start-ups with an outstanding development potential.

By contributing its 87.5% stake in the company 4DForce GmbH, mic AG secures a share of 66.7% in WT Holding AG. 4DForce GmbH belongs to the technologically leading specialists in the BCI field (brain-computer-interface). With a share of 33.3 %, Navispace AG is minority shareholder of WT Service GmbH and has in turn contributed its 80 % stake in sportsCurve GmbH. sportsCurve specialises in customised solutions for mobile sports and health data capturing (trade mark “sportsCurve”). In the medium term, WT Holding AG plans to expand its portfolio to at least ten high- tech companies.

“By investing in WT Holding AG, we have acquired a position in the booming wearable technologies market in good time. Thereby, the WT platform enables us to screen the market early on and at the same time, it ensures that we can market the investments actively”, explains mic CEO Claus-Georg- Müller. “By contributing our share in 4DForce GmbH, we secure an advantage in technology. Simultaneously, we can use considerable synergies under the umbrella of the internationally leading marketer in the branch of wearable technologies”, CFO Manuel Reitmeier adds.