Munich, 20 February 2012 – mic AG has a new strategic investor: through Paladin Asset Management GmbH, the financial entrepreneur Carsten Maschmeier has bought a stake in the Munich-based venture capital company. By purchasing mic AG shares, Paladin has, in a single step, passed the 3 and 5 percent thresholds to the company’s voting rights.

“mic AG perfectly matches our demand profile for new strategic investments”, explains Ingo Nix, CEO of Paladin Asset Management GmbH. “ The current market capitalization only reflects a fraction of the actual company value. To name only two investments, whose value alone surpasses the current stock exchange value of mic AG, according to our own estimates, there are PiMON GmbH, whose innovative fibre technology enables the all-automatic monitoring of oil and gas pipelines, and Exergy GmbH, who have developed a revolutionary generation of high-performance servers for fast internet connections”, Nix adds.

“Paladin is a top-class and long-term strategic investor, who will simultaneously further strengthen our network “, mic CEO Claus-Georg Müller is delighted. “By continual exits and new interesting investments we intend to lastingly increase the value of mic AG. Our portfolio contains numerous promising candidates for an exit, who will lay the foundations for an outstanding development over the coming years”, CFO Manuel Reitmeier adds. At the moment, the early-stage investor mic AG from Munich holds shares in 14 companies, predominantly in the fields of communications technology, fibre optics, medical engineering as well as micro systems technology and cleantech.
Paladin Asset Management GmbH is a Hannover-based investment company, making stock investments on a long-term basis. MIFA Mitteldeutsche Fahrradwerke AG and GCI Industrie AG (MS Spaichingen) are among the company’s previous investments.