Munich, 3 February 2012 – Munich-based Exergy GmbH, a subsidiary of venture capital specialist mic AG, has developed a new generation of high-performance servers, which exceeds customary servers with regard to efficiency and speed. Exergy’s server technology addresses the hardware problem of heat development as well as the software problem of parallelism with innovative solutions. mic AG, the early stage investor based in Munich, holds 70 % of the shares.

Exergy’s technology is based on the integral connection of hardware and software and comes up with a high-performance server, which sets new standards for computing power and energy efficiency. On the hardware side, Exergy has devised a high-performance server with multi-core processors and a water cooling system. Due to the enormous heat development and low efficiency, manufacturers of customary servers usually stick to CPUs with few cores. Exergy servers in contrast, have 4 CPUs with 64 cores and an additional 6 GPUs with 9,600 stream processors. The problem of heat development is solved by means of an innovative water cooling system. On the software side, Exergy relies on the expertise of the sister company ProximusDA. The software of ProximusDA controls the operation of parallel computing processors on many processors, which ensures that the hardware is used to its full potential and that the software is processed efficiently.

“Exergy’s unique technology exceeds conventional server technologies by far. There is an enormous demand. We have already signed a Letter of Intent for make-to-order with a German server manufacturer”, explains mic CEO Claus-Georg Müller. “For the present year, Independent Research predicts a turnover of 3.5 million euros for Exergy and twice as much, 7 million euros, in 2013. This makes Exergy one of our fastest growing subsidiaries”, Müller adds.