Munich, 26 June 2012 – Aifotec AG, based in Jena and a portfolio company of Munich-based venture capital specialist mic AG, has reached two new milestones in its expansion. Through its own subsidiary AIFOTEC FIBEROPTICS GmbH, Aifotec AG has formed a strategic alliance with the Thai contract manufacturer Focuz Manufacturing Co. Ltd.. In addition, the production capacity of its site in Meiningen has been redoubled so that research and development can be conducted with greater flexibility and still higher precision in the future.

The strategic alliance of AIFOTEC FIBEROPTICS GmbH from Meiningen and Focuz Manufacturing Co. Ltd. from Bangkok constitutes a unique combination of development and manufacturing expertise in the field of photonics. The cooperation will combine process development with cost-optimized and high quality any-volume manufacturing of photonic assemblies. Aifotec’s development expertise excellently complements Focuz’ forte in manufacturing. “When looking for cost effective prototyping and process development, we find the cooperation with Focuz to be an outstanding partnership for us. We can offer our customers a complete service chain all the way to a final, pig-tailed and packaged product at module or system level.” says Dr. Gunther Vollrath, CEO and founder of Aifotec GmbH.

Pooling Advantages – Optimizing Costs
The partnership is aimed at marketing the joint forces of the companies and at providing more effective project resources for their customers. Aifotec’s Hybrid Integration Technology allows packaging process development solutions for optical engines across leading-edge benches such as glass, ceramic, polymer and silicon. Focuz is an experienced contract developer and manufacturer specialised in volume manufacturing, die- [&] wirebonding and packaging for optical subsystems, including cost-efficient cable packaging. Situated in Bangkok, Thailand, Focuz provides huge cost benefits when ramping product to volume.

Faster Manufacturing Ramp-up for Prototypes
In Response to the fast growth of the photonics market, AIFOTEC redoubled the manufacturing capacity of the site in Meiningen. At the moment, more and more market segments that use electro-optic or photonic systems (so-called optical engines) come into existence. Another state-of-the-art production unit has been added to the machine park to achieve greater flexibility for future development and production works as well as still higher soldering precision. This also enables AIFOTEC to speed up the manufacturing ramp-up for prototypes.