Munich, 23 December 2011 – Successful annual closure for mic AG: the venture capital expert from Munich has sold the entirety of its stake in Rogue Resolutions Limited. Since 2010, mic AG had held 26.67 % of the Cardiff-based company offering innovative complete systems for non-invasive neurology, a swiftly growing market. Rogue Resolutions was founded as a joint venture together with neuroConn GmbH and the Canadian company Rogue Research Inc. (both in mic AG’s portfolio) in midyear 2010. “Rogue Resolutions has been the first direct investment in Great Britain in the mic- portfolio. The development of this investment is very satisfying for us and we are now pleased with the exit, which can be implemented much earlier than expected”, comments mic chief executive, Claus-Georg Müller. “With its expertise and network mic AG has substantially contributed to the increase of the company value, which again proves the potential of our business model”, Müller adds. Silence is maintained with regard to the purchase price.

Annual Surplus Cleary Runs into Seven Figures

The complete exit from Rogue Resolutions Ltd. is the second successful exit in the second half of 2011. In July, the venture capital expert had already disposed of its shares in hello2morrow GmbH, a software company based in Potsdam. “Despite the tense present situation in the capital markets, we have been able to realize the envisioned yield on the capital invested with these two transactions. Thus, even in this challenging context we have managed to generate a surplus that clearly runs into seven figures”, CFO Manuel Reitmeier elucidates. “Even though mic AG will not boast new record results for the business year 2011, we are extremely content with this year’s business performance. We have further enhanced our portfolio with new stakes in PiMON GmbH, exchangeBA AG, AST GmbH and Wearable Technologies AG and thanks to the positive development of our subsidiaries with have an optimistic outlook on 2012”, Reitmeier feels confident.

Rogue Resolutions – Complete Systems for Neurologic Research and Rehabilitation

Rogue Resolutions Ltd. sells high quality diagnostic and therapeutic devices in the field of neurologic research and rehabilitation. The company was founded as a joint venture in the middle of 2010. The mic portfolio company neuroConn GmbH, the world’s leading provider of EEG and neurofeedback devices, and the Canadian Rogue Research Inc., leading in neurological navigation software, played a decisive role in the business formation. All over the world, Rogue Resolutions offers complete systems assorted from the product range of these two companies. The systems usually consist in a device for measuring brainwaves and a neuronal stimulator. The corresponding neuronavigation software provides for a most targeted and effective treatment of the respective area of the brain. The complete systems are used for research into and treatment of neurological diseases like, for example, ADHS or in the rehabilitation after a stroke.