Munich, 7 March 2012 – From 6 to 10 March the world’s technology-heart beats in Hannover: with
the CeBIT 2012 the exhibition centre hosts the most important event in the digital industries
worldwide. The presentation of trend-setting products and technologies in the areas of IT, gaming,
lifestyle and wellness by mic AG and their subsidiaries Wearable Technologies (WT), 4DForce,
SportsCurve and Exergy should not be missed. At Stand C20 in Hall 8 you will get a taste of the future
by discovering and testing the latest innovations.

Wearable Technologies – „Let Your Body Talk“
„Let your body talk!“ – under this motto, the Wearable Technologies stand at CeBIT debuts
technologies, which prove that the time has come for customer-friendly electronics to wear on your
body. In Hannover, lifestyle, gaming and wellness are the main themes presented by the
internationally leading platform for wearable technologies. In cooperation with the WT subsidiaries
4DForce, SportsCurve and the new investment company Exergy, WT also shows what a great
potential on the consumer electronics market these products have.
One of the core topics is the almost automatic transmission of information from sensors worn on or
close to the body. This information ranges from moving images over sound and muscle contraction
even to emotion. Especially the latter type of information opens up a whole range of new application
fields. Hereby, the body controls the game via emotions, which influences the game alongside the
actual cursor control. The body reveals emotions subliminally, uncontrollably for the user.
Recording emotions will enable market researchers to observe and evaluate emotional feedback
alongside the already established wearable eyetracking method. A further application field is
medicine, where so-called neurofeedback is used for rehabilitation and memory training.

Exergy – The Server Technology of the Future
As a partner of the WT show at Stand C20 in Hall 8, the latest mic subsidiary Exergy GmbH exhibits a
new generation of high-performance servers in cooperation with Thomas-Krenn.AG and ProximusDA
GmbH. Exergy’s technology addresses the hardware problem of heat development as well as the
software problem of parallelism with innovative solutions, wherefore it is markedly superior to
customary servers. With regard to hardware, Exergy has developed a high-performance server that
combines 4 CPUs with 64 cores with up to 6 graphics processing units. With the hardware specialist
Thoms-Krenn.AG, the company has a strong partner at its side, which realises the groundbreaking
technology on a high quality level. Where software is concerned, Exergy relies on the expertise of its
sister company ProximusDA. The software of ProximusDA controls the operation of parallel
computing processors on several processors, which ensures that the hardware is used to its full
potential. The integral connection of hardware and software results in a high-performance server,
setting new standards for computing power and energy efficiency.

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