Augsburg/Munich, 22 March 2011. Modules manufactured by Flores Solar Water GmbH, called Solar Water Cells (SWCs), enable the purification and production of the highest quality of potable water– without the use of electricity or chemicals.

Ten, 1,000 or 100,000 liters – the scalable SWCs are suitable for all quantities and can be deployed directly at the place of consumption. In comparison to common water treatment plants, the minimum investment necessary is not high. With SCW, it is possible to set up one single module, or hundreds of modules strung together and combined into one system. The modules are suitable for small consumers, as well as for bulk buyers who might want to supply drinking water to a whole community. The only prerequisite necessary for the use of SWCs, is an area with high solar radiation and access to water, such as sea or well water. This self-sufficient device produces 10 liters of drinking water from any 100 liters of water. The rest of the water can be retreated up to 30 times.

By declaring clean water a fundamental human right in July 2010, the United Nations underlined the importance of drinking water. In addition, March 22, 2011 gives cause to remember, with the observance of World Water Day. Particularly, countries lacking drinking water can benefit from FSW’s technology – a technology that only works with solar energy and is therefore cost-efficient and emission-free and provides a good solution to the lack of potable water. In these areas, people often have to travel long distances – across difficult ground – to reach water.

In mid-March 2011, the first sizable plant consisting of 50 SWCs was installed in Provence, France. The pilot plant near Marseille successfully demonstrated the running operation of FSW’s technology to potential customers and investors from Europe and North Africa. The plant shows the technology’s easy scalability and high efficiency under real conditions. The chosen location in Southern Europe is especially suitable due to its easy access and proximity to the sunny and arid regions of North Africa.

Further plants are currently planned for South Africa and Southeast Asia, due to the high demand for a sustainable drinking water supply in these areas. The plants will be installed on-site in order to demonstrate them to interested parties. Thanks to mic AG’s support, Flores Solar Water GmbH continues on its path towards an international launch and to produce and market the modules in high numbers.

About Flores Solar Water GmbH

Flores Solar Water GmbH is active in water treatment, by means of solar modules. To this end, FSW uses self-designed installations, called Solar Water Cells (SWCs).

The company completed its development of the Solar Water Cell this year and large-scale production began at the start of 2011. FSW uses this modular and self-contained solution to produce pure drinking water at the place of consumption.

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