Munich, 6 June 2011 – Munich-based venture capital specialist mic AG has completed the 2010 fiscal year with record results. Published today, the final sales and profit figures for 2010 are once again significantly better than the reported preliminary figures from 3 May 2011. According to audited figures throughout the full year of 2010, the company’s revenues increased by 40.6 percent to EUR 9.84 m (2009: EUR 6.99 m). Annual net profit rose disproportionately by 45.1 percent to EUR 6.20 m (2009: EUR 4.27 m). Turnover and profit achieved is the highest in company history. At the same time, the 2010 fiscal year earning goals of the Executive Board were to have a similar magnitude as 2009, yet the goals were surpassed.

The already very solid balance sheet ratios of mic AG have also improved in the past fiscal year. The company’s equity increased during the course of 2010, from EUR 8.78 m to EUR 19.03 m; with total assets of EUR 22.84 m (2009: EUR 11.80 m), which corresponds to a high equity ratio of 83.3 percent (2009: 74.4 percent).

“The figures surpass the previous record from 2009 and are further evidence of the effectiveness and sustainability of our investment strategy. Through the sale of the majority stake in AIFOTEC Fiberoptics GmbH for an amount in the high single-digit million Euros, as well as with the sale of shares in 4DForce GmbH for EUR 1.0 m, we were able to raise unrealized gains from in the mic Portfolio,‘ commented Chief Executive Officer, Claus-Georg Müller, in regards to the business performance for 2010. “In return, we have further expanded and strengthened our portfolio with new investments in Flores Water Solar GmbH, PiMON GmbH, and Rogue Resolutions Ltd. Due to the outstanding performance of our start-up companies, we are confident that our current fiscal year will once again have positive and surprising results,” adds Chief Financial Officer Manuel Reitmeier.