The annual general meeting of mic AG (referred to as the „company“), which took place on 18 July 2011, decided, amongst other things, to increase the capital from the company’s own resources. The company’s capital stock of 4,260,000.00 euros has been increased by 426,000.00 euros to 4,686,000.00 euros by means of converting part of the capital reserve (as accounted in the balance sheet of 31 December 2010), namely 426,000.00 euros, to capital stock.

The capital increase is performed by issuing 426,000 new no-par bearer shares (in the following referred to as „bonus shares“) amounting to 1.00 euro of the share capital. The new shares are entitled to share in profits from the beginning of the accounting year 2011. The corresponding amendment of the statutes has been entered in the Commercial Registry of Amtsgericht München.

Henceforth, the capital stock is divided into 4,686,000 no-par shares with a proportional amount of 1.00 euro of the share capital.

New no-par shares are due to the bearers of old no-par shares at a ratio of 10 to 1. Consequently, one new no-par share is apportionable to 10 old ones. According to the articles of association, bearers have no right to the securitisation of their shares and all shares of the company are held in a collective custody account with a credit institution. Therefore, the bonus shares will be allotted automatically to the shareholders, on the basis of their old stock shares, as of 2 September 2011 (after closure of the stock market). The allotment will take place on 5 September 2011 by means of a collective credit memo. Consequently, there are no share certificates to be handed out.

The respective depository banks will inform bearers, if it should become necessary to take action (e.g. purchasing/selling orders for fractional interests) due to fractional interests (WKN A1K05E/ ISIN DE000A1K0006E8) related to the allotment ration of 10 to 1. The following clearing agency has consented to arrange the purchase or selling of fractional interests: Bankhaus Gebr. Martin AG, Göppingen, is in charge of the previously mentioned transactions. The bonus shares have the same WKN/ISIN as the old no-par shares (WKN A0KF6S / ISIN DE000A0KF6S5) and they are securitised in a multiple share document, which is deposited at Clearstream Banking AG, Frankfurt on the Main. For the company’s shareholders, the allotment of shares is free of commissions and charges.

Starting from 5 September 2011, the bonus shares will be included in the listing of the company’s old shares on the over-the-counter market (entry standard) of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. From the same day onward, company shares will be listed as ex-bonus shares. Existing stock exchange orders expire on 2 September 2011 (after the market closes).