mic AG releases figures for the 2012 business year

Annual surplus rises by 11.3% to 3.9 M Euro

Equity increases to 32.1 M Euro

Equity per share rises to 6.22 Euro as at 31.12.2012

mic AG fully financed until exit-maturity of several important stake holdings

Munich, 11 June 2013 – mic AG, listed in the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN DE000A0KF6S5) released its 2012 business figures today. Compared to the previous year, the annual surplus increased by 11.3 per cent to 3.9 M Euro (previous year: 3.5 M Euro) with a turnover of 6.3 M Euro (previous year: 7.2 M Euro). On the basis of 5.155 M issued shares the result per share is 0.76 Euro (previous year: 0.75 Euro with 4.686 M issued shares). The equity increased in the 2012 business year from 26.8 M Euro to 32.1 M Euro. That equates to 6.22 Euro equity per share as at the 2012 balance date (previous year: 5.72 Euro on the basis of 4.686 M shares).

Optimisation of the business structure

Claus-Georg Müller, Chair of the Board and the founder of mic AG, comments on the 2012 business performance: „Given the background that our attention in the 2012 business year was mainly focused on the optimisation of our portfolio and its structure, we are very satisfied with the achieved turnover and results figures. With the establishment of specialised theme-based holdings we have once again increased the attractivity of the mic Group for investors. This branch holding model has been met with great interest by businesses and branch experts.“

Following the successful establishment of the theme-based holding Wearable Technologies AG, mic AG has increased the transparency of the portfolio and provided itself with additional financing alternatives through the implementation of further intermediate holding companies. As part of the systematic optimisation of the participation portfolio, the majority holding in Exergy GmbH, among others, was successfully brought into the theme-based holding mic IT AG. A first partial exit was able to be realised in 2012 with mic sense AG, with the investor Berndt Büsterfeld coming on board.

Maschmeyer Group new anchor shareholder

The 2012 business year was additionally marked by a significant change in mic AG’s shareholder structure. Following his entrance in the first quarter of 2012, the financial entrepreneur Carsten Maschmeyer built up his voting interest in mic AG to over 25 per cent via full subscription to a 10 per cent capital raising in December 2012. „We consider ourselves clearly strengthened in our business model through Mr Maschmeyer’s engagement“, Manuel Reitmeier, Chief Financial Officer of mic AG, comments on the coming on board of the strategic investor.

Company is fully financed

Two further capital measures were carried out in the first half of 2013 with gross proceeds totalling 10.3 M Euro. „With this injection of capital we now have the requisite finance to take our stake holdings into the next phase. Now we have to prove through successful exits that we can generate sustainable value for our shareholders and we will systematically implement this strategy. Further capital raisings are not planned for this; we are fully financed until the exit-maturity of important stake holdings“, continues Reitmeier.

Key Figures



Turnover proceeds

6.3 M Euro

7.2 M Euro

Annual surplus

3.9 M Euro

3.5 M Euro

Annual surplus per share

0.76 Euro

0.75 Euro*


32.1 M Euro

26.8 M Euro

Equity per share

6.22 Euro

5.72 Euro*

*for 4.686 M issued shares

About mic AG:

As a venture capitalist, Munich-based mic AG invests at an early stage in promising companies in the clean-tech, life sciences, microsystems, optics and software/IT sectors. With the help of its international network, the mic Group assists the companies in which it invests to position themselves rapidly and successfully and supports them in the search for investors to finance growth. mic AG has been listed in the Entry Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since October 2006 (Stock Exchange abbreviation: M3B, ISIN: DE000A0KF6S5). You can find more information about mic AG at www.mic-ag.eu.