• Focus on the mega-trends such as the „Internet of Things“, Big Data and Industry 4.0
  • Turnover from services more than doubles
  • Operative with positive result is planned
  • Value adjustment for the stake in Aifotec AG affects the annual result

Munich, 30.06.2014 – mic AG, listed in the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN DE000A0KF6S5) published its 2013 financial figures today. Compared to the previous year’s value of 6.3 million Euro, the sales revenue sank, as expected, to 3.7 million Euro. The turnover from services more than doubled in comparison to the previous year from 0.3 million to 0.7 million Euro and thus exceeded the internal budgeting. The annual result for the company was affected by a value adjustment of 5.1 million Euro for the 56.3% stake in Aifotec AG, Jena. In addition, as already explained in the 2013 half year report, during the reporting period mic AG settled a debt that has been owed to mic Holding GmbH since 2007, and by reason of which several important decisions were previously blocked. The repayment of 0.78 million Euro led to an additional burden for the result for the period, which was -4.7 million Euro for the 2013 business year (previous year: 3.9 million Euro). The equity increased as at 31.12.2013 in comparison to the previous value of 32.1 million Euro to 34.3 million Euro. For a balance sheet total of 39.6 million Euro (previous year: 37.7 million Euro) the equity ratio at the end of 2013 was 86.4% (previous year 85.0%).

„Without both of these one-off special effects, mic AG would have concluded the 2013 business year according to plan with a positive result. We remain positive regarding the further development of Aifotec AG. However we have resolved, due to unexpected postponed orders, to report the value of the shareholding for cautionary reasons at the lower attributed value. The affect on the 2013 annual result stands in contrast to future higher unrealised gains if Aifotec AG succeeds in returning to its growth path in the next quarter“, explains Manuel Reitmeier, Board Member for Finance for mic AG.

„In spite of what is at first sight an unsatisfying results situation, in the 2013 business year we have achieved important business goals. With the full placement of a cash capital raising with a volume of 6.87 million Euro and the issuing of a convertible debenture with a total face value of 3.78 million Euro in April 2013, we have placed the financing of the mic Group on a much broader base. Following the successful establishment of the theme-based holding companies mit IT, mic sense and Wearable Technologies in the previous years, in 2013 we have consistently driven the further development of our specialised subsidiaries forwards and in doing so we have made the mic Group more attractive for investors. For the current business year we expect a palpable increase in turnover as well as a clear positive annual result“, explains Chair of the Board, Claus-Georg Müller.

Both theme-based holding companies mit IT and mic sense acquired further promising stake-holdings in the second half of 2013. With the big data specialist dimensio informatics GmbH, which significantly accelerates high volume and highly complex data bank applications with software, and SHS Technologies GmbH, a highly innovative business from the control engineering and measuring technology sector, the theme-based holding companies were able to integrate two stake-holdings into their portfolio with huge revenue possibilities and thus implement a huge step for growth. The focus of the mic Group on the mega trends: the Internet of Things and Big Data (mic IT), Industry 4.0 (mic sense), infrastructure and energy management (Smarteag AG), Telemedicine (Lifespot AG) and Wearable Technologies has struck a huge chord with potential investors and means that positive news is expected for the current year. In the short-term a round of financing is expected to be concluded for mic IT AG, and strategic investors will take a stake in the IT specialist as part of that.

About mic AG:

As a venture capitalist, Munich-based mic AG invests at an early stage in promising companies in the clean-tech, life sciences, microsystems, optics and software/IT sectors. With the help of its international network, the mic Group assists the companies in which it invests to position themselves rapidly and successfully and supports them in the search for investors to finance growth. mic AG has been listed in the Entry Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since October 2006 (Stock Exchange abbreviation: M3B, ISIN: DE000A0KF6S5). You can find more information about mic AG at www.mic-ag.eu.