Shareholders vote in accordance with the proposals from Management

Board and Supervisory Board released with a great majority

Focus on growth trends – Board provides positive outlook

Munich, 14 August 2014 – The shareholders of mic AG, a company listed in the Entry Standard of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange (ISIN DE000A0KF6S5), consistently followed the proposals made by the company’s Management at the annual general meeting on 13 August 2014. The shareholders released the Board and Supervisory Board with majorities of more than 99 per cent. The balance sheet profit of 13.2 million Euro in mic AG’s 2013 annual accounts will be carried forward. The other proposals made by Management were also accepted by the general meeting with a majority vote. Thus, the general meeting voted in favour of the Supervisory Board’s proposal to appoint RSM Verhülsdonk GmbH Wirtschaftsprüfungsgesellschaft, Dusseldorf, as auditors for mic AG for the 2014 business year.

Higher equity ratio, optimistic outlook

Chief Financial Officer Manuel Reitmeier spoke about the most important events of the 2013 business year in his presentation, including the full placement of a cash capital raising and a convertible note with a total volume of around 10.3 million Euro in April 2013, and referred to mic AG’s solid balance sheet figures. In the 2013 business year the company’s equity increased from 32.1 million Euro to 34.3 million Euro. For a balance sheet figure of 39.6 million Euro (previous year: 37.7 million Euro) the equity ratio at the 2013 balance date was 86.4% (previous year: 85%).

Chair of the Board Claus-Georg Müller gave a positive outlook in his general meeting presentation: „Following the successful establishment of the theme-based holding companies mic IT, mic sense, Smarteag and Wearable Technologies we are driving the further development of our specialised subsidiaries onwards. The focus of the mic Group on the mega trends the Internet of Things and Big Data (mic IT), Industry 4.0 (mic sense), Infrastructure and Energy Management (Smarteag AG), Telemedicine (Lifespot AG) and Wearable Technologies, has sparked great interest with strategic investors. The current round of financing with mic IT AG is the next step towards the medium-term goal of listing this theme-based company, which specialises in the growth market ‚Big Data IT‘. In general, we will progress the development of the theme-based holding companies to a certain level of maturity in order to provide them with various options in terms of exit, IPO [&] reverse merger. For the current business year we are expecting a significant increase in turnover as well as a distinctly positive annual result.“ In addition, the Board spoke about the forthcoming complete exit of neuroConn GmbH, the realisation of which is now expected to occur in the second half of 2014 due to the high number of negotiating parties and the complexity of the contact implementation.

The full results of the voting can be viewed on the company’s homepage under the Investor Relations tab.

About mic AG:

As a venture capitalist, Munich-based mic AG invests at an early stage in promising companies in the clean-tech, life sciences, microsystems, optics and software/IT sectors. With the help of its international network, the mic Group assists the companies in which it invests to position themselves rapidly and successfully and supports them in the search for investors to finance growth. mic AG has been listed in the Entry Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since October 2006 (Stock Exchange abbreviation: M3B, ISIN: DE000A0KF6S5). You can find more information about mic AG at