Clear improvement in results compared to the previous year

Positive outlook for the year as a whole confirmed

mic IT AG rebrands as micData AG

Oliver Kolbe new member of the Board for micData AG

Munich, 30.09.2014 – The Munich-based early phase investor mic AG (ISIN DE000A0KF6S5) released its turnover and results figures for the first half of 2014 today. Compared to the first half of 2013, the company achieved a clear improvement in results. For a turnover of 305,000 EUR (H1 2013: 289,000 EUR) mic AG generated a result of -282,000 EUR from ordinary business activities (H1 2013: -860,000 EUR), and was thus slightly ahead of the company’s planned result. The half-year result improved in the reporting period to -283,000 EUR following -1,636,000 EUR in the first half of 2013.

As at the balance date of 30.06.2014 equity was 33,971,000 EUR (30.06.2013: 37,305,000 EUR). For total assets of 41,861,000 (30.06.2013: 47,375,000 EUR) the ratio of equity increased in comparison to the previous year’s value from 78.7% to 81.2%. The conversion of the partial debenture bonds issued in 2013 into shares was only entered in the company registry after the balance date on 08.09.2014 and this has currently resulted in an increase in equity and a corresponding reduction in liabilities, each of 3,436,000 EUR.

„Although the first half of 2014 was still marked by a high level of investment, as planned, in our theme-based holding companies, and completion of the neuroConn transaction was postponed to the second half of the year, we were still able to realise a significant improvement in the results figures up to the balance date of 30.06. The complete takeover of neuroConn GmbH and the associated disposal of our entire 51.06% stake in that company, is anticipated to occur in the fourth quarter of 2014. For the current business year we continue to expect a palpable increase in turnover compared with 2013 and a clearly positive annual result“, confirms Chair of the Board, Claus-Georg Müller.

Following the successful First Closing of the financing round for the theme-based holding company mic IT AG, the subsidiary has since been rebranded as micData AG. In this way the company is taking account of its focus on the growth market ‚Big Data‘ in particular. „micData acts as the holding company of a group of enterprises which acquire majority holdings in innovative software and hardware enterprises in the segment of the future: ‚Big Data‘. It is our strategic goal as an IT service group to achieve a critical mass of turnover and earnings power through acquisitions in the German-speaking world. Negotiations regarding the takeover of an IT service provider and preparations for a second round of financing in the lead up to the intended stock market float are being systematically progressed“, explains Oliver Kolbe, new member of the Board of micData AG.

„With Oliver Kolbe, who previously worked as the commercial director of the Siemens Corporate Venture arm and later as Managing Partner for smac partners GmbH, we were able to gain a high quality and internationally experienced member of the Board for micData AG. With his venture capital expertise and know how built on years of experience in the areas of information and communications technology, we are pleased to welcome him to the helm of micData AG“, adds Claus-Georg Müller.

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As a venture capitalist, Munich-based mic AG invests at an early stage in promising companies in the clean-tech, life sciences, microsystems, optics and software/IT sectors. With the help of its international network, the mic Group assists the companies in which it invests to position themselves rapidly and successfully and supports them in the search for investors to finance growth. mic AG has been listed in the Entry Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since October 2006 (Stock Exchange abbreviation: M3B, ISIN: DE000A0KF6S5). You can find more information about mic AG at

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