Net result for the period rises to 2,114,000 EUR (H1 2014: -292,000 EUR)

Balance sheet total increases to 50,668,000 EUR (H1 2014: 41,881,000 EUR)

Equity ratio reaches 91.0 % (H1 2014: 81.1 %)

Successful implementation of the 5th theme-based holding company Lifespot Capital AG

Munich – The Munich-based early phase investor mic AG (ISIN DE000A0KF6S5) released its business figures for the first half of 2015. Compared to the first half of 2014, the company achieved a significant increase in profit. The half-year result improved in the reporting period to 2,114,000 EUR following -292,000 EUR in the first half of 2014 thus exceeding the annual net profit of the entire business year 2014 of 1,268,000 EUR as early as after six months. During the reporting period the successful implementation of the meanwhile 5th theme-based holding company, Lifespot Capital AG, was also a strong contributing factor to this profit increase.

The good business development of mic AG is also reflected in the further improvement of the balance sheet figures. Total assets increased to 50,668,000 EUR (30.06.2014: 41,881,000 EUR) as of 30.06.2015 thus exceeding the 50 EUR million mark for the first time in the company’s history. As at the balance date of 30.06.2015 equity was 46,122,000 EUR (30.06.2014: 33,962,000 EUR), increasing the ratio of equity in comparison to the previous year’s value from 81.1% to 91.0%.

„mic AG can look back on a successful first half of the year 2015. We see the significant improvement of our earnings and balance sheet figures as further impressive evidence of the sustainability of our business model. The establishment of now five theme-based holding companies has proven to be the right strategic course to steer the mic Group into the future in an even more focused manner. By transferring both our eHealth investments BodyTel GmbH and Lifespot AG (soon-to-be LifespotSkin AG) into a publicly listed shell, we were able to significantly boost the development of Lifespot Capital AG. For 2015 we expect a clearly positive annual result “, confirms mic AG Chair of the Board, Claus-Georg Müller.

Basis of the further expansion of the mic Group is the focus on the megatrends „Internet of Things“, „Big Data“, „Industry 4.0“, „eHealth“, „Wearable Technologies“ as well as „Infrastructure and Energy Management.“ Within the framework of this focussed specialisation the theme-based holding company mic sense AG was renamed 4industries AG in the second quarter of 2015. Moreover the acknowledged Venture Capital and M[&]A expert Gerald Host could be recruited as a further member of the Executive Board of 4industries AG. The management team of the theme-based holding company Wearable Technologies AG was also strengthened by Dr. Rolf Schneider-Günther who joined the company on 01.05.2015 as new strategic investor and consultant to the management.

With a view to further strengthening its position in the Smart Infrastructure Technology market, the theme-based holding company Smarteag AG acquired the majority stake of fibrisTerre Systems GmbH in the second half of 2015, a developer and manufacturer of distributed fibre-optic sensing systems based in Berlin. The fibre-optic sensing system for distributed strain and temperature monitoring of FibrisTerre perfectly fits to the distributed acoustic sensing technology of the Smarteag subsidiary PiMON GmbH. Smarteag AG is currently examining the takeover or cooperation with a highly synergetic target company in the area of fibre-optic sensing technology to further strengthen the sustainable business of PiMON and fibrisTerre Systems. Also Wearable Technologies AG and Lifespot Capital AG are both in the feasibility phase for further company acquisitions.

„In the months to come we will continue to reinforce the growth and M[&]A strategy of the mic Group, especially on the level of the theme-based holding companies. Our goals include for example to expand the micData Group into an important publicly listed Big Data Player and to develop 4industries AG into a competent, profitable service provider and integrator of major sensor, measuring and control technologies in the Industry 4.0 segment. To this end both companies are currently conducting promising negotiations with suitable acquisition candidates which would fit optimally to our corporate strategy“, explains Oliver Kolbe, Board Member of mic AG.

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As a venture capitalist, Munich-based mic AG invests at an early stage in promising companies with the focus on the growing markets of Big Data, Industry 4.0, Infrastructure and Energy Management, Internet of Things, eHealth as well as Wearable Technologies. With the help of its international network, the mic Group assists the companies in which it invests to position themselves rapidly and successfully and supports them in the search for investors to finance growth. mic AG has been listed in the Entry Standard segment of the Frankfurt Stock Exchange since October 2006 (Stock Exchange abbreviation: M3B, ISIN: DE000A0KF6S5). You can find more information about mic AG at

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