Our success lies in the success of our clients

How does mic make a difference for young firms?
mic is your partner on your way to a successful business. We follow a value-added approach based on true partnership with our Portfolio Firms, which benefit from our Strategic, Operational and Financial Support, Entrepreneurial Spirit and Know-how, as well as, our Network of national and international contacts. Take a look at Start Up’s Application to see how you can benefit from our list of business activities.

How does mic make a difference for other investors?
mic is an excellent source for investors seeking to exploit and benefit from innovative technologies for new markets. Besides investing in mic AG itself, we offer possibilities to become a part owner in early stage projects of our portfolio companies and take advantage of entrepreneurial leadership, expansion and exit opportunities. All of our investments undergo a „mic-proof“ process, which carefully screens the technical and business merits of the proposed companies thus mitigating the risk of venture investing. Take a look at Investor Applications to see how you can benefit from our wide list of investment opportunities.

We strive to achieve these objectives

  • We rise to and embrace the challenges of the future
  • We focus all our strengths to meet the goals of our company
  • Motivation, Integrity and Mutual Respect form the foundation of our company’s success, and we strive to live up to them
  • We recognize that people are our most important asset, so we encourage and nourish personal growth, creativity, responsibility and initiative
  • Our Portfolio companies benefit from our culture of mutual collaboration, open communication and knowledge sharing
  • We are recognized for the high standards we set, the superior value we provide and the open and flexible approach
  • We are committed to achieving sustained growth and profitability resulting in a strong market performance that benefits our investors, shareholders, partners and employees
  • We aim to act in the best interest of our shareholders and customers by providing flawless service and superior value- the ultimate measure of our success
  • We are dedicated to the passionate pursuit of the operational values of the company and will do our best to meet these obligations